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It’s Time to Survive and Thrive

Have you ever asked yourself, “Am I happy with just getting by? Am I here to just exist, or am I making a difference? Can I thrive instead of just survive?”

Acclaimed author, motivational keynote speaker, entrepreneur, small business and personal life coach Cathy Code understands the difference between getting stuck in your life and choosing to vigorously grow and achieve goals, despite your circumstances.

Through her powerful presentations, consulting, and writing, Cathy illustrates how anyone can follow her example of enduring resilience and make a choice to turn stumbling blocks into a catalyst for transformation. Cathy speaks to the head and touches the heart, while o­ffering client-specific solutions to entrepreneurs, companies, teams, and private individuals. She is a purpose-filled leader who empowers others to survive the hard knocks of life and move forward with vision and guidance. The result is the optimization of your business and personal life and the realization that it is never too late to thrive!

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No More Excuses

In this motivational memoir and guide to self-improvement, Cathy Code draws on personal struggles and three decades of experience as an entrepreneur and business leader to inspire you to do more than just survive in your professional and personal life—she teaches you how to thrive.

Cathy walks readers through the ruins and restoration of her life, illustrating her ability to turn challenges into opportunities, while providing guidance for how you can do it, too. Cathy’s insight and determination inspires readers to stop asking why and begin asking Why Not?

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