About Cathy

  • Executive Coach and Entrepreneur
  • Founder and CEO of Steak Center Cattle
  • Former CEO of Stake Center Locating
  • Author of Why Not? Survive and Thrive
  • Seasoned Keynote Speaker
  • Has overcome personal tragedies including a house fire, divorce, a motorcycle accident, and the untimely death of a partner
  • Over 30 years specializing in entrepreneurship, sales, and personal transformation

Cathy Code has thirty years of experience as an entrepreneur, business developer, executive coach, and keynote speaker specializing in management, sales, and personal transformation. Throughout her both her personal and professional life, Cathy has seen her share of ups and downs, but her refusal to let setbacks keep her from pursuing her vision has refined her outlook on life.

From selling vacuum cleaners and starting a bed-and-breakfast, to holding positions of director, president, and CEO in many industries including tourism, sales, and construction, Cathy has turned every obstacle along the way into an opportunity to thrive. Overcoming both professional challenges, as well as personal tragedies including a house fire, divorce, and death, she lives her philosophy of “Why Not?” everyday, with a “No Excuses” mindset that has led her from a childhood of scarcity to a life of financial security and abundance.

By sharing her personal wisdom and business insight she hopes to inspire others to surrender beliefs rooted in scarcity and fear, and embrace a future rooted in abundance and security.


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