One of my favorite sayings – particularly when I’m confronted with obstacles that seem impossible to overcome – is “Keep the blinders on.” What I mean by this is that it’s important to never get distracted or discouraged when you’re working towards a goal. Whether the objective is to get a promotion at work or increase efficiencies for your team or even just to get out of bed in the morning after losing a loved one, I would always encourage you to keep your target in sight and don’t let anything stop you from achieving it.

But how do you do this? To me, the key to developing your own set of blinders involves three steps:

  • The idea of blinders first came to me while once watching racehorses bolt from a starting gate. I noticed that, right from the start, the horses were intently focused on one thing: the finish line. For them, speed is important, but concentration is the key to winning. You, too, must decide to concentrate on what your finish line is and push away the distractions that will surely jostle and shove you along the way. Keep moving forward with concentration and purpose.
  • Make daily goals. While moving forward, I’d also recommend taking incremental and intentional steps along the way. The finish line is the goal, but it can sometimes seem a long way off, and that distance can be overwhelming and paralyzing. Instead think about what you can do tomorrow and the next day to get you closer to your goal. Write down your daily goals and use your racehorse-style concentration to make daily progress.
  • Once you’ve listed a daily goal, take time to note whether you are on track to achieve it. Every day, reassess. If you fail to achieve one of your daily goals, consider what it was that held you back. Perhaps you should change the way you are nearing the finish line. Was the daily goal too big? Should it have actually been broken into two separate goals? Did you skip a step that would have made the goal easier? Reassessing your progress is a fantastic way to ensure you continue moving forward as opposed to hitting a wall.

For more insights into the importance of ‘blinders’ as a way to cross the finish line and transform your life, be sure to read chapter 4 in my book Why Not? Survive and Thrive.

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