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Motivational Speaker And Author

Have you ever asked yourself, “Am I happy with just getting by? Can I thrive instead of just survive? In her powerful presentations Cathy Code offers audiences of all sizes a new way to think about the challenges they face. Speaking directly from personal experience, Cathy’s insights will leave attendees understanding how their challenges can actually launch them to the next level and help establish higher baselines than those that previously existed. Click here to contact Cathy Code today.

Speaking Topics

sunWhy Not? Survive and Thrive in Business and Life

An inspiring presentation of motivational speaker and author Cathy’s “no excuses” philosophy that turns adversity into opportunity, anxiety into security, and scarcity into abundance. Whether starting a business, starting a new team, or just starting over, Cathy provides a step-by-step framework to leverage obstacles into fuel for success.

sunThe Sales Springboard–Launching Your Team Toward Growth

As an entrepreneur and CEO who quadrupled her company’s revenue in five years and expanded service to forty-one states, Cathy understands how to drive sales. By focusing on accountability, expectations, management techniques, and a radical model for customer service, Cathy explains how you, too, can achieve sizable growth in profits for your company.

sunThriving as a Corporate Woman–Keys to Master the Balancing Act

Women in business often face dual career/family pressures, which pull in different directions and place huge demands on time and resources. Cathy understands this challenge and shares her top strategies to juggle obligations, conquer career fears, turn challengers into cheerleaders, and become your best self, both at home and in the office.

sunBouncing Back–How to Leverage Pain Toward Personal Transformation

Cathy has survived multiple personal and professional hardships throughout her life, yet she has always bounced back stronger than ever. Follow Cathy’s personal journey as she recounts the challenges she has overcome and teaches the keys to perseverance, healing, women networking and positive transformation.

Ideal for Audiences Looking To

Discover actionable resources to make changes in their lives

Learn techniques to survive setbacks, move forward, and never give up

Boost morale and motivate teams toward improved sales performance

Empower women to take charge of their personal and professional lives

Hear inspiring stories of struggle, resilience, and transformation

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