Why Not? Survive and Thrive

Motivational Book by Cathy Code

In this motivational memoir and guide to self-improvement and business success, Cathy Code’s motivational book draws on personal struggles and three successful decades as an entrepreneur and business owner to inspire readers to do more than just survive in their professional and personal lives—she equips people to thrive.

Cathy candidly recounts her journey and transformation from a life of scarcity and fear to one of financial and emotional abundance. Discover how Cathy progressed from selling vacuum cleaners as a teen to opening a B&B in her home to flourishing in complex roles as a successful business developer, keynote speaker, and CEO of multiple regional and national companies.

In her book, Why Not? Cathy concedes there is no magic pill for success—it’s about “keeping blinders on” and never taking no for an answer. It’s hard work and dedication—despite any and all obstacles. (No excuses!)

Cathy shares how she rebounded after professional disappointments, periods of self-doubt, personal tragedies—such as a house fire, divorce, and death—and provides practical advice for how others can reach their goals, from how to grow your business to success to living a healthier lifestyle. Cathy’s insights and practical advice are for anyone wanting to do more than just survive—it’s for those who want to create a life of love, contentment, security, and abundance!






Perfect for readers looking to

Reframe their personal challenges as opportunities for growth

Be inspired by a true story of resilience

Learn tactics for bouncing back from tragedy

Revitalize their business or employees

Look forward to consider what comes next

“ My goal is to inspire you through my journey and show through my hard-learned life lessons how a never-say-die attitude and an intense belief in yourself will move you from a life of scarcity and fear—a day-to-day just-getting-by existence—to a happy and fulfilled life of abundance and security.”

– Cathy Code